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Welcome to Heart Agency. One of the worlds leading talent agencies. 

The demo was made in two months for 2021 Yaoi Jam, it features:

  • Approx 12 thousand words of the common route
  • 5 Original backgrounds
  • 3 CGs
  • Art by 6nii9

The Characters

Main Character

Love Interests

Side Characters

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(34 total ratings)
AuthorCats on a Lilypad Studios
GenreVisual Novel
Tagsbl, Boys' Love, Romance


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HeartAgencyDemo-1.02-pc.zip 178 MB
HeartAgencyDemo-1.02-mac.zip 161 MB
HeartAgencyDemo-1.02-linux.tar.bz2 167 MB

Development log


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first the drawing is amazing, but...

An all white cast? besides in the first half of the game the MC is just too spoiled, entitled and annoying... Can you tune it down? He is even worst than the celebrities he had to deal with


so this and inn between will never full games then?

Any updates per chance on an estimated release date?


This demo was made for a game jam but our focus is our main game The Inn Between.

Heart Agency will require it's own Kickstarter for full development but we're unable to do that until we've released TIB 

So no release details at this time, but we can say not for a while yet!  


I felt bad for MC since he didn't really want to go to the agency but his brother-in-law and sister kept pressing. It was to the point where it got irritating watching MC being pushed around. Besides that, the art is really good! Thank you very much for the free demo!


But the manager is the hottest one of them all 😫


My thoughts exactly... :D

So the demo is very well-done.

Hope this becomes a full game quite soon 😁

And maybe with a more-forgiving soundtrack on content ID haha

Thanks for playing!! 

The music will be replaced with our own custom soundtrack. 

Sadly while the current music was obtained via a license model the content ID is automatic. 

Yeah, that scared me for a big moment hahaha.
Not sure how people can circumvent that but glad to know you guys have a soundtrack planned 😁


Yeah, we definitely love to see Let's Plays and dont want anyone to be prevented from doing them or have their videos blocked! 

We have been focusing on our main game The Inn Between but have lots of plans for additional content and updates to what we were able to do during Yaoi Jam for Heart Agency!  


Ahh!! Love the demo so far, I got so immersed into it that, I forgot it was a demo and was surprised when it abruptly ended, haha. Can't wait for future updates! Looking forward to the finishing of this game! It's amazing so far! Art, storylines and everything!  o(≧∇≦o)~♡

Thank you so much!! 

Seems interesting is this going to be pre-paid release

Hi there! 

The full release would be a paid release, however we're quite far out from that happening. 

The demo is free however, and will always remain so. 


No android version?



Not presently unfortunately, but once we've completed the updates to the demo over the coming few months it's something we'll be looking into releasing.

thanks for answer xixix

do you have a plan to when you want the full game to come out?

i liked this demo a lot


Thanks so much! I'm really glad you liked it! 

For the moment the demo will have some upcoming updates in the next few months for sprites and music but for the moment the full game wont be a focus until we're through the Kickstarter and development of our main game The Inn Between. 

We'll be working on it slowly in the background though and we have lots planned that we'd like to do with it!! 


Damn the art is great. Awesome shading, it's so clean.

And that it's consistent with the in-game images (forgot the word for those, oops), not just the sprites. In a lot of games the sprites look nice/alright, but the full-screen custom images look very off to the character's design/terrible. So major kudos here.

The writing is way better than most BL stuff I try on here (and that are complete games here or elsewhere as well...), so props to that too... forgot that was a demo and not an actual complete game xd.
Love that the MC dude isn't a short bland stereotype ''BL'' boy too, both in looks and personality.

That and details like pointing out that Hylo's jacket clearly isn't helping with being incognito xd

So far I really like Hylo (+) and Ash and the dynamic with the MC, it's pretty natural and didn't drag.
Looking foward to more if that happens.

Since this is just a demo, dunno about the choice affecting much, but hopefully it's not super linear with the dialog options (grinding love interest points). I get that this time of dialog branching might be hell to code and organize though, so just a thought, not a complain.
(+ like the person below me... that jacket + a purple shirt is not a look imo )


great demo BUT I've got to say that blazer is a no go


It was really good. I forgot it was the demo so I was surprised when it ended lol

Looking forward to the full game :) the art and all were very great  ✨

(1 edit) (+1)

woah whats this omg the art
i didnt even play yet and i know im going for hylo


The game looks great and I'm really excited about it. I also wanted to point out that in the description you have a typo. It's anonymity. It's a weird word and it's not spelled how it sounds.


Oh no, you're right.

whoops! I'll update that, thanks for pointing it out! =D 


The character art is fantastic! Shoot...I want Hylo and Ash's jackets xD