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17 years ago, a boy met a monster.

The Inn Between is a BL, modern fantasy Visual Novel following Myka Riley and his life long search to recover his missing memories after an accident as a child left him in the care of his aunt with no recollection of who he was, or what happened to his family.

A barista at a family cafe, business degree graduate and mythology nerd Myka's journey to recover his identity leads him down a unknown and mystical path, revealing a world he never could have imagined existed.

One phone call, and his life will change forever.

The Inn Between is an 18+ NSFW BL/BxB modern fantasy visual novel with stunning art by XianJin and Vui Huynh, enchanting music by Efe Tozan and superb sound effects by Jeff Penny.

  • A fusion of modern and fantasy aesthetics
  • Three romanceable love interests
  • Character art & CG illustrations by XianJin

The demo features the first 16,000 words of the common route,  introduces several important characters, and has full English voice acting. 

The Inn Between will feature over 30 characters across our story with three gorgeous, romancable love interests.

Name: Myka Riley
CV: Edward A. Mendoza
Age: 24
Likes: Cats
Dislikes: Ghosts
Role: Protagonist

Myka grew up as just a regular, a regular guy with a sketch pad full of creatures no one else could see....

Name: Leonardo "Leon" Addy
CV: Patrick Mealey
Age: 23
Likes: Antiquing
Dislikes: Cats
Role: Love Interest

Leon has known Myka for many years, the two of them have been in school together since they were children. The two of them becoming roommates when they started at university.

Name: Emrys
CV: Michael Kovach
Age: ??
Likes: Cooking
Dislikes: Clothing
Role: Love Interest

A mysterious resident of The Inn, possessing the ears and tail of a cat Emrys challenges Myka's perception of the world from the moment they meet. An impossible being and an incorrigible flirt to boot.

Name: Solas
CV: Darius T. Jackson
Age: ??
Likes: Nature
Dislikes: Everything Else
Role: Love Interest

A fallen god. Dangerous and unpredictable. Solas has taken a deep interest in Myka. For what reason, is known only to himself.


Lead Developer / Writer: C.L

Editor: Gabmaag

CG & Character Artist: XianJin

Background Artist: Vui Huynh 

Music: Efe Tozan 

SFX: Jeff Penny

UI & Logo: Khoaisama


Casting Assistant: BexaJaide

Audio Engineer: C.L

Voice Director: Amanda Hufford

Voice of Myka: Edward A. Mendoza

Voice of Leon: Patrick Mealey

Voice of Thomas: June Yoon

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(56 total ratings)
AuthorCats on a Lilypad Studios
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsBoys' Love, Fantasy, Gay, LGBT, NSFW, Ren'Py, Romance, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout an hour


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The Inn Between: Demo [PC/LINUX] 373 MB
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any updates on when the full release is going to be?

I'm a bit confused and hoping for assistance. I just downloaded the novel to two exe files. One is TheInnBetweenDemo and the other is TheInnBetweenDemo-32. Which version do I run? 


Unless you have a 32bit system you would use the TheInnBetweenDemo one 

Most systems are 64bit these days.

Thank you so much for the clear up! I really appreciate it. 


tried the demo on steam.. got 7 mins in.. suuuuuper long and boring opening narration and the " side comments" in the story is annoying and disruptive.... The BGs look amazing so I had hope for this game


just wondering, when is the next update or release date for the game? or possibly a predicted time? no rush ofc! love the demo!

Deleted 196 days ago

Thank you for playing!!


Any updates?


Is there any updates regarding the progress of this game?


Will you charge money for this game once it's finished?



Yes, the full game will be 24.99usd once released. 


Fuck I guess I won't be playing this.  I have to spend my money wisely right now since I'm in college.


That's a shame, im entirely boke right now so i hope i'll be able to play someday. the game looks great so far btw!!


is any updates yet? :D


No public updates on the game at this time but we show a lot on our Kickstarter and Patreon with our progress! 

Our release is expected towards the end 2023 


It's been a while since I played the demo, but I really enjoyed it and it made me want more. Definitely still looking forward to the full game!

Thank you so much!! 

Really glad you enjoyed it ^_^ 


Is/will the full game be free?



The full game will not be free, sorry! 

The price of the game will be 24.99 usd 

I played this game a while ago and I wanna know does this game show yk the characters full body

discord is invalid now

oh! thank you! 

I've got that updated now

Just as a heads up, I get incorrectly placed dialogue text on the Android version. It all begins a line or so higher than it should be.

Thank you for the error report. 

We've attempted to fix this but cannot identify a cause as it doesn't do it on the devices available to us to test on. 

is MC always bottom?



For our NSFW  scenes our dynamic arrangements are as follows:

Myka - Vers

Solas - Top
Emrys - Vers
Leon - Bottom 

Does this mean that in Emrys case we will get both kind of scenes, or will we be able to choose a role? Thanks in advance, game is amazing, take care! 💕



No choice from the player unfortunately, scene will play out in a set way. For Emrys there will be a switch between scenes so there will be at least one scene he tops and one scene he bottoms in. 

Hello,is this game for 18+?


Our demo is 17+ in content but with our Kickstarter achieving the NSFW stretch goal the full game will be 18+ 

We will be locking into the feasibility of a toggle or streamer mode for bypassing 18+ content further into development though.

is it gonna be free to play or we have to purchase it



The demo is free to play and always will be. 

The full game will have a regular price of 24.99 usd 

Currently available via our Kickstarter at a special price of $25 aud (which is appropriately $19 usd) 


absolutely love the demo. great writing ( few grammar errors, but not really so bad that it breaks immersion. ) good character development so far, even generating bonds towards them. 

a lot of potential with this vn, really looking forward to reading further when it is available 

Thank you!! 

I plan on having an update out soon to fix those grammar errors,  I apparently missed quite a bit in my prelaunch testing! 


Im amazed for the plot and so the art <3 Im so excited

Thank you!!


Awwww I'm debating myself if to play the demo or wait for full release :( looks so good and the comments are very positive, damn me stumbling across amazing games that can not play. 

As soon as it gets released please kindly take my money hahahaha 

the  release date on steam sounds so far :( 


I want to tell you to play the demo but I also totally get it, until I started doing YouTube lets plays I wouldn't play demos in case I liked a game and then had to wait.   

2023 does sound far away but I can guarantee that it'll be here before we know it! Which is actually kind of scary as the dev. 

Theres a lot to do though and we wanted to make sure we gave our team ample time to get things completed without pushing them too hard. 

As important as it is to us to get our game out as quickly as we can, our teams health and wellbeing will always be top priority. 

If you haven't checked out our Kickstarter you should! It's a great way to get the game at a discounted price plus other great merch items! 


yeah I totally get how time can make something good into something great! And health is priority.

I'll totally play it once it gets released no matter when it is. Demos are just scary cuz they live rent free in my head lol, I'm just glad I'm stumbling across so many great games lately.

I will back a few projects on Kickstarter during the month, hopefully I can make it for the inn between! (I need those guys!!!)

Best of luck with everything and hopefully everything goes smoothly for the team!


Already backed on KS ❤️🥺


ahh thank you so much!! 


I contributed to the kickstarter, i am so excited to see how this project ends!

Thank you so much for your support!! 


I love the demo !! All the va's did an awesome job. Everything was beautifully made. I'd be looking forward to see more of this.  

  Great job everyone. <333

Thank you!! <3


i'm so glad i decided to play it! The game's simply immaculate. Honestly, i'm speechless at how good was that demo. I loved every bit of it, and welp, i guess i'll be simping for Emrys now. Although Solas and Leo are too irresistible to just pass on them. Also, VA's did awesome job as well! I genuinely can feel how much love went into that project. I'll make sure to back it up on Kickstarter and become a Patron once i get my paycheck! 

Please take care devs and all the people working on that masterpiece! Stay safe and healthy! Much love from fennec boi! <3

Thank you so much for such a lovely comment!! 

I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! 


It was very nice. Definitely going to pay the full game :)


Thank you so much! 

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really interesting story, i accidentally fell in love with thomas somehow but anyways im really excited for more . 
the art and visuals in it is really nice.
also about the nsfw: will there be a on and off function or..?

Oh ah almost forgot the va! i usually turn them off but the voice acting in this one is really good good job to them.


If the NSFW goal gets funded on the Kickstarter then incorporating a toggle to skip NSFW will be something we will be looking into including, we're have no set plan on how to handle it yet. 

A lot depends on the results of the Kickstarter but it's definitely on our list of features. 


aw that was so great I'd love to see more




The demo was really fun to play! I love the voice acting, and I'm already fond of Leon. I'm looking forward to the Kickstarter! 

(1 edit)

EDIT: nevermind its not hereeeee :(


Really soon! 

When will you get your Kickstarter to be out? I am already am a patron but I want to know if there's another way I can support the game. I played the beta version of the demo and it's was amazing!! It's hard to believe that it's not even the actual demo!!!


First off thanks so much for the patreon support and I'm so thrilled you enjoyed the beta!! 

The Kickstarter is primarily dependent on  script writing so we can get accurate numbers on our budget. 

Above all else we want to ensure that what we ask for on a Kickstarter will actually cover our expenses.  We're hoping and  aiming to have it launched by October this year but we'll keep everyone updated once we have a set date. 

Yay, my birthday's in October so you can say it will be like a birthday present to me then! lol, I cant wait!! 😁👍

Are we able to try out the demo?

The demo will be available to play soon! 

We're in the final development stages at the moment, adding voice acting and polishing programming. 

Was wondering, thank ye for letting us know

(1 edit)

Sfw or Nsfw? 


We've been classifying the game as "Semi-NSFW" 

There will be content of selective nudity and suggestive intimacy. 

At this stage, there will be no explicit NSFW however. 


So excited for this 


Thank you!


Looking forward to the game ^^ 

Also the trailer is really good


Thank you! 

Both Edward and TheNeth are extremely talented, we're thrilled to have them working with us!


This game looks like it's going to be great cant wait till you post the game; great work on the info and the characters!!


Thank you so much for your kind words! 

Work on the demo is progressing steadily and im so excited to show off the demo soon! 


Your welcome your game is amazing!!